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Rachel Dara is

The Next Big Invention

Rachel Dara is an emerging artist whose title album “The Next Big Invention” was recorded by Canadian record producing icon Mark Howard.

Rachel Dara’s 4th Single

“Young and Alone”

Release date: October 13th

Rachel Dara


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Teenage indie-alternative artist Rachel Dara to release new single

Teenage indie-alternative artist and songwriter Rachel Dara will be releasing her new single, entitled “Young and Alone,” on Oct. 13, the day of her 16th birthday, on all platforms!


Rachel Dara will be featured on the Lazie Indie Magazine cover

Rachel Dara will be featured on the cover of Lazie Indie Magazine.

Released on 27th, September 2022: Click here.

Rachel Dara singing the Canadian National Anthem for the ICC

Rachel Dara will be singing the Canadian National Anthem for the ICC.

Friday, September 09.

Talent Nation Toronto | Aug 20/21

Rachel Dara will be performing at Talent Nation Toronto on Sunday, August 21, at 6:30PM. Ticket for the event is 25$. Revival, 783 College St.

Sunday, August 21, 6:30PM.

Interview with Nancy Music - Friday 24th of June

Rachel Dara - Interview on Ange TV.

Aug 9th, 2022 - 7:30 EST

Interview with Nancy Music - Friday 24th of June

Interview on Paul Mash TV with Paul Gregerson https://www.youtube.com/user/Paulgr / http://www.facebook.com/paulmashtv

Aug 02, 2022 - 6pm Central Time (5pm EST)

Some of the Rachel Dara‘s achievements

  • The Next Big Invention
    Rachel Dara's inaugural album by record producer Mark Howard.
  • District Métro
    Journal Metro: "Une jeune musicienne offre des concerts sur les réseaux sociaux".
  • Captured in the Spotlight
    Interviewed by Adriana Gentile on Captured in the Spotlight.
  • Argenteuil en Blues
    One of the featured artists at the Argenteuil en Blues Festival in 2019.
  • Talent Nation
    Rachel Dara has played several times in concert with Talent Nation as well as blue festival “Argenteuil en Blues”.
  • Covid Concerts
    57, 1 hour long free Saturday night concerts to raise people's spirits during the pandemic.
  • Release of 1st Single - Eighteen
    Rachel Dara released her 1st single on June 18th named - Eighteen
  • 2022 JFK Voices Ambassador
    1/2 of all profits generated from her 1st single "Eighteen" to be donated to JFK.
  • 2021 Winner JFK Voices
    Just for Kids Foundation raises funds to purchase high-priority medical equipment.
  • The Suburban
    The Suburban: "Teenage singing phenom Rachel Dara steps up with her COVID Concerts".
  • Night Side Idol
    Night Side Idol on The Night Side with Jon Pole CJAD – Rachel Dara releases her new song “Innocent People”.
Rachel Dara


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