Rachel Dara

The making of Rachel Dara - Singer Songwriter

  • There are many words that might describe Rachel Dara. chanteuse, storyteller, poetess, bard. She crosses boundaries all the time, but one thing that differentiates her from the rest is her ability to transform a story into a song in her Indie folk rock genre.
  • Rachel Dara began to play onstage in front of audiences for Talent Nation, weekly at "open mic at Boulzeye" and the annual "Argenteuil en Blues” festival.  She was Invited to audition directly in New York for producers of America’s Got Talent and also attended Vocal Star to learn about the business behind the music industry.
Rachel Dara

The Covid Concert Crucible

Then the pandemic hit, affecting her more than most. With autoimmune disorders in her immediate family, she was forced to stay home from school. She needed an outlet…50 one hour long “Covid Concerts” every Saturday evening allowed her to connect to her fans and provide inspiration and comfort through her covers, then ultimately her own music.

Things began to roll. She was approached by, then engaged Michelle Treacy as her vocal coach and mentor. She won the Just For Kids Voices competition where she met local radio and TV hosts Jason Rockman of CHOM FM, Shannon King morning Co-Host of 95.9 Virgin Mornings and Mark Bergman from the beat 92.5.  She was featured by Mike Cohen in The Suburban, played on iHeartRadio’s CJAD Nightside Idol with Jon Pole and then interviewed by Adriana Gentile on It Was Captured. Finally it culminated with Metro Media featuring her in both Metro Magazine and the front page of District Musique magazine.

Rachel Dara

The Next Big Invention


Watching patiently and inspired from across the continent was her mentor Tim Steinruck, a legend of hard rock through his band “The Mighty One”. Tim was just as trapped as Rachel and her light gave him hope to share with his family. After watching over a dozen concerts Tim reached out and began to forge a relationship with her father and eventually was instrumental in connecting Rachel Dara with Mark Howard, a legendary record producer & engineer who has produced Rachels 1st live style acoustic album “The Next Big Invention”.

“Her writing and style is far more mature than her age, she has a feel and sound like Joni Mitchell”

— Mark Howard / Record Producer —

“At her young age she is already years beyond… incredible raw talent.”

— Jole Pole / Radio Host —

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